Sunday, March 10, 2013

More additions to my Filofax family :)

Hello everyone!

I hit the jackpot this weekend. I went to a garage sale in Katy, Texas and we ended up at this neighborhood garage sale. They had some antiques, toys, clothes, electronics - wonderful things for wonderful prizes.

Well - I spent all my time at one table because one of the ladies there was selling her ENTIRE scrapbooking collection because she was moving and didn't want to move the entire room, etc.
I ended getting around $500 dollars worth of stuff for $100. That's not the good part yet. She was selling some old Filofaxes, she didn't use anyone. I was like :O!! when I saw them and I had to have them because I got a great deal on them!

First Filofax I got is!!

A Personal Apex Fuchsia - I love the color purple and this one was in great condition. It has all the inserts and it was basically in new condition!

I ended up turning her into my Blog/Youtube binder :)

& the next Filofax is..

a Lavender Metropol! I already own a metropol in Pink but this one is BEAUTIFUL!! It is my favorite color ever. She is now my personal Filofax that I use for everything.

She is already set up and everything!
What was my grand total for BOTH of these Filofaxes?

She was more than kind with me and at first told me to just take them - and I was like no, it's fine. how much for both, and she said 10 dollars then. I was so happy - I added two new Filofaxes to my collection at a budget price, and I am so glad I got them for cheap because I recently purchased a Filofax Osterley in Plum that costed $105.50

For a college student, that's a little pricey for a Filofax but it's my final Filofax purchase for some time.
Soo.. 5 more days until my plum osterley arrives! :)

One last thing - I now have 7 Filofaxes in my collection.

  • Pocket Hearts
  • Personal Metropol in Lavender
  • Personal Apex 
  • Personal Metropol in Pink
  • Personal Chameleon in Black 
  • A5 Sketch in Red (which I plan on selling!)
  • A5 Domino in Red
That's quite a bit of Filofaxes - LOL!!

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! Until next time!
xoxo Angela


  1. That was such a lucky find!!! I would have probably wanted to buy the whole table of scrapbooking stuff too lol. If you decide to sell the A5 Sketch, let me know! Maybe my husband would let me add another to my collection ;) you can email me at etamayo87 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  2. TWO Filofaxes for $10?! Can I get that lucky? ;)

  3. Great bargain. But believe me 7 filofaxes is a SMALL collection :) ( financially that's probably a prudent thing though for a student).
    You will love the Osterley when it arrives.

    1. What a coincidence!
      I just met a lady yesterday that have over 35 filofaxes!!
      I was like :O! I would love to add a chameleon to my collection - but I haven't found one in raspberry or aqua :(