Friday, March 15, 2013

Filofax Organization - Introduction

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first post of Filofax Organization, a series of post. 
This Filofax series is aimed towards beginners' but everyone is welcome :) It will consist of helpful post for newbie filofaxers and steps to help them organization their life using a Filofax. 

I will start off with My Story.. 

I've always loved organizational videos, and when looking for a desk tour I found a video on a set-up for a Filofax. I didn't even know that Filofaxes had even existed! The previous planner I had owned was a spiral planner I had purchased from Target. After spending hours on Youtube and writing down a list of things I wanted with my future Filofax, I went over to the Filofax USA website. Filofaxes and I were meant to be because the website was having a 60% off sale! 

Credit: pensandleather

I ended up choosing a A5 Sketch in Maroon because I thought I would need a big-sized planner. I ordered and the Filofax was going to arrive in 4 days! :) 

The next day, I watched a couple more videos, scheduled a visit to Staples, and looked for some accessories for my Filofax. I ended up at Avalon Stationery - my local Filofax retailer and I was in heaven!! I walked out of that store with a Raspberry Metropol in personal, a Month of 2 pages inserts, organizer stickers, and some beautiful MUJI pens. 

In the end, I loved the personal size more than the A5 size because I felt that the A5 size was just a bit to big. I have been in a personal size since and I love it! 


The main goal of these posts are to help other Filofax fans no matter what the situation. I will also ask other bloggers to contribute :) 

The first post will be up around next week - so if you have any questions for next week you can post a comment below or email me at 

Until next week - Have a good weekend everyone! 
xoxo Angela. 

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